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With so may cleaning companies in South florida why should I choose Sparkle-N-Kleen?
Well maybe it is for purely selfish reasons but our main goal when we come to clean your house is to impress you enough with our work and our prices that you will use us again and  refer us to your friends and family.  With that being the case we are going to give you a very competit8ive price and provide a cleaning service to you that is going to leave happy and satisfied.

What areas do you service?
All of Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Are you insure and bonded?
Yes we are licensed bonded and insured.

What if i am not happy with the job?
First of all with all of our new customers we will call you either the same day of the service or the next day to make sure you were happy.  If there is an area you are not happy with we will come back and reclean it.

Do I have to be home during the cleaning?
No you do not.  Most of our customers prefer not to be there.  For new customers we strongly recommend you be ther when we arrive,  however you do not have to be there for the cleaning.

Will I be reimbursed if something is broken in my house?
Yes after evaluating the claim and it is determined we are responsible you will be reimbursed.

Do I need to provide cleaning equipment and products?
If you like we could use your equipment or products however we do use all top of the line ewquipment and products so your best option is to let us supply all of the equipments and products

What kind of payments to you accept?
Cash, credit cards and checks.  Payment is due the day of the cleaning once the work is completed.

Can I tip the cleaner?
Yes you can if you are pleased with the job.

How do you access my home?
There are several options.  When the cleaning crew shows up you can let them in.  Or you can give us a copy of your key it will be stored in a secure location where only the supervisor assigned to your account will have access to.

Do I have to sign any kind of contract?
No contract is required.

​How do you handle special requests?
Well lets say for example you want a little extra attention paid to your kitchen on a regularly scheduled cleaning.  All you would have to do is give us a call or send us an email and we would give that area some extra special care.

Do I have to clean up before the cleaner arrives?
Never that's what you are paying us to do.

Can I choose to have all green products used?
Yes just call us up prior to the cleaning and we will make sure we use all green products when we clean your house.
Can I personalize my Cleaning experience?
Yes you can,  all you have to do is give us a call or send us email and if you want any special attention paid to any part of the house consider it done.

Are my cleaning personnel trained and experienced?
First of all we do background checks on all of our cleaners.  We only hire cleaners who have previous experience.
Cleaners are then hired on a probationary basis during which the training process begins.
Only after a cleaner completes several supervised cleanings are they allowed to clean on their own.

How do the housecleaner's get in if I am not home for the first cleaning?
You can get in touch with one of the housecleners and on the evening prior to the cleaning and agree on a place where you will leave the key.

What should I do with my pet on the day of the cleaning?
We have no problem working with pets inside the home.  For safety reasons you may want to put them in a secure area on the day of the cleaning.
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I love how detailed oriented my cleaning team is.  I have recommednded them to friends and family on several occasions.

Anita in Fort laudersale

My house looks fantastic. My cleaners always show up on time and  are very friendly.

Jonathan Harrison Boca Raton
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